Meet your photographer

I’m a twenty-something-year-old always carrying around a camera and a good book.

I have always loved creating things and getting to know people. Photography has allowed me to to make art from the connections and relationships of people in front of my lens. I hope to make each person I encounter feel seen, known and valued as we go deeper together into what it means to be love and light to the world. I genuinely want to know you. I want to take a deep dive into your story. I want to show up for you whole-heartedly.

I deeply value meaningful conversations and hearing the personal stories of each person I get the pleasure of meeting — that’s my favorite part of this job. A 7w6, INTJ, cancer.

Favorite artist: Maggie Rogers

Favorite book: (this is so hard) The Glass Castle

Favorite film: American Beauty

How I got started

My first camera was a Canon Rebel Xs (a 35mm film camera) I received as gift in high school. I've been photographing people and places I love ever since.

Starting my photography journey with film taught me to enjoy the process. There's no instant gratification when you hear the shutter click. Instead, it takes waiting weeks (or months) to get it developed. Then you get the joy of looking at each grainy memory with a goofy smile on your face.

It also taught me to enjoy and capture the moment as it was happening... not to interrupt it for the 'perfect' shot. I didn't know it then, but that inspired much of my philosophy around photography and my approach to my work.



My husband, Ryan, is my favorite part of every day.

We met on a cross-country roadtrip to the grand canyon, got engaged in paris, eloped in a little book shop, and celebrated with a backyard dinner party AND our closest people.


When I'm not shooting, you can find me:

I Live for experiences and doing things for the hell of it. even when I'm not shooting a wedding, you'll never find me sitting down on the weekends.

Earning airline miles

(anywhere we can buy a cheap plane ticket)

At the concert of my new fav band

(or waiting in the general admission Line)

Reading in a coffee shop

(to reach my Goodreads goals)

Having drinks and playing scrabble at a local dive

(yeah, i bring scrabble)